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ENDUTEX Coated Technical Textiles

Combining technology, specialized know-how, and experience gathered over more than 4 decades, ENDUTEX Coated Technical Textiles provides sophisticated and high-performance solutions in PVC, acrylic, and PU (Polyurethane) coating for different applications up to 5 meters wide.

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Innovation, quality, performance

Our know how and Technical knowledge combined with a strong R&D commitment makes us one of the main players in the digital printing industry.

Impressão Digital, Endutex, Endutex Impressão, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Stability, resistance, durability

Textile architecture is one of our key business areas, especially because of our distinctive fixture of being able to supply up to 5 meters wide.

Arquitectura Têxtil, Endutex, Endutex Arquitectura Têxtil, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Design, comfort, quality.

Different types of textile substrates coated with PU, PVC, or a mixture of PU and PVC with several kinds of finishes and textures, complying with the highest international standards and requirements.

Sector Automóvel, Endutex, Endutex Sector Automóvel, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

High performance, resistance, durability.

Endutex is a leading supplier of PVC, PU, and PVC/PU-coated technical textiles for waterproof protective clothing.

Vestuário Protecção, Endutex, Endutex Vestuário Protecção, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Innovation, diversity, comfort.

This traditional industry has been present almost throughout the life of Endutex allowing us to have extensive know-how in developing new materials.

Napas, Endutex, Endutex Napas, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Waterproofness, comfort, design.

We are a leading supplier of coated household textiles for table and mattress covers (residential and health sector).

Têxteis Lar, Endutex, Endutex Têxteis Lar, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Customized solutions

Using different types of coating machines and techniques (transfer, direct, and hot melt calendar), extensive technical know-how, and integrated industrial capability (knitting, weaving, and coating). Endutex can develop new solutions with you to meet your specific needs.

Especialidades, Endutex, Endutex Especialidades, Áreas de Aplicação Endutex

Endutex Worldwide

We are truly global. Founded in 1970, nowadays Endutex has industrial units in Portugal (HQ) and Brazil and branches in Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, and the USA.


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