RCY Line

Environment has been taken seriously at Endutex. Our goal is to use responsibly all the resources to manufacture our products and minimize the eco impact in our local surroundings as well as in our clients and users.
We are continuously developing new sustainable methods to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, in order to reach a better common future.
An example of that, is our new concept inside the TERRATEX Collection, where "RCY" products are produced with recycled PES yarn GRS certified, made from recycled materials, including used plastic collected from the sea.

Associated products:

  • Sirius RCY

    180 g/m2

  • Terra 260 BW FR RCY

    260 g/m2

  • Polycril 275 FR RCY

    275 g/m2

  • Polycril GW FR RCY

    320 g/m2