Together we are stronger

Endutex SGPS is the group's holding company concentrating on many different business areas.

  • Industry

  • Hotels

  • Real Estate

Strong presence in the industry sector

By creating long-lasting and close relationships with our customers, and answering all their expectations and challenges, Endutex SGPS has been growing sustainably, gaining a quite respectful position, both in Portugal and abroad. Currently, Endutex operates in the following industrial areas: coating; knitting; weaving; dyeing and finishing; and energy co-generation.


  • ENDUTEX Revestimentos Têxteis, S.A
  • Endutex dyeing and finishing
  • Tricela
  • VAPE


Smart Hotels for Smarter People

Whether it is for a business stay or a leisure one, MOOV is widely focused on the strategic location of its hotels, considering they are all placed close to the most notorious areas of the different cities they are part of.

Essential in any hotel stay, MOOV hotels offer free wi-fi in all of its units.

When it comes to pricing, MOOV presents a new concept of “low-budget” hotels, focusing on the quality of the stay by providing a soundproofing system that allows a pleasant and peaceful time.

Regarding sustainability, MOOV has also given important steps toward a greener path, which is reflected in different choices such as choosing efficient equipment and HEQ standards, effective in water, electric, and waste management.

  • Moov Porto Centro
  • Moov Porto Norte
  • Moov Évora
  • ENDUTEX Brazil Hotels

Management of Real Estate Properties

Endutex Imobliária is dedicated to the development and management of real estate projects. The portfolio assets are divided into industrial, commercial, and service spaces.
At present, we have 47.000m2 under our management.

Real Estate

  • ENDUTEX Imobiliária