More than 4 decades of experience

Founded in 1970 within an important textile group, Endutex is now recognized as one of the leading producers of technical textiles, focusing its activity in the production of polyurethane, PVC, acrylic and silicone coated textiles.

Technical and Industrial development

Our strong know-how in the industrial area allowed us to have integrated production capability from weaving and knitting up to the final coating operation, giving Endutex complete control over the final product.

State-of-the- Art Machinery and Technology for coated technical textiles up to 500cm wide

Endutex has diversified coating equipments and techniques (transfer, direct and hot melt calander) allowing us to offer diferent types of products up to 5 meters wide.

Challenge us

We have a strong focus on the development of the best solutions to satisfy your specific requirements anchored on our strong R&D and technical know-how.



Endutex exports about 85% its production. We are proud to be a world reference in the production of coated technical textiles, producing in Portugal and Brazil, and commercial/distribution branches in Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and United States of America, actively contributing for the economic development and innovation that has been verified in this sector over the last years.


All materials manufactured by Endutex meet REACH - the european regulation concerned with the risks that chemicals might pose to human health and the environment.