Orlando, USA – November 1st to 3rd, 2023

In the heart of Orlando, at the forefront of innovation, Endutex took center stage at the leading event in the textile industry – the Advanced Textiles Expo 2023! With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of textile technology, Endutex showcased a wide offer of solutions.


Discover the Future of Textiles with Endutex!

The Advanced Textiles Expo was the perfect platform for industry enthusiasts to witness the future of textiles, and Endutex did not disappoint. Visitors had the opportunity to explore an exciting world of possibilities as they delved into the extensive range of options on display.


Spotlight on 5-Meter Wide Solutions!

Endutex’s spotlight at the expo was on its 5-meter (197-inch) wide solutions, a testament to the company’s commitment to versatility. These wide materials are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of various businesses and markets, ensuring that Endutex remains at the forefront of textile innovation.


Services That Set Us Apart:

At the Advanced Textiles Expo, Endutex showcased an impressive array of services that cater to an extensive range of industries. From textile architecture to household and medical applications, Endutex is poised to redefine your textile experience. Here’s a glimpse of what visitors could expect:


Textile Architecture: Innovative solutions that redefine the possibilities of textile use in architectural applications.

Digital Printing: Cutting-edge digital printing services that bring your designs to life with unmatched precision and vibrancy.

Tarpaulins & Awnings: Durable and weather-resistant materials for outdoor applications, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Automotive: Tailored solutions for the automotive industry, combining functionality with a touch of sophistication.

Protective Clothing: Advanced materials designed to provide optimal protection without compromising comfort.

PVC Foam Materials: Versatile PVC foam materials for a wide range of applications, showcasing Endutex’s commitment to innovation.

Artificial Leather: High-quality artificial leather that mirrors the look and feel of genuine leather, with enhanced durability.

Household & Medical: Textile solutions designed for both household applications and the demanding standards of the medical industry.

Specialties & Tailor-Made Solutions: Customized textile solutions crafted to meet the unique needs of specific industries.


Stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations as we embark on another year of pushing the boundaries of what textiles can achieve!

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