FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam was a vibrant showcase of our commitment to innovation and sustainability, especially highlighted through the promotion of the Biotex Generation. This event offered an excellent platform for us to reinforce our leadership in the digital printing sector, emphasizing the importance of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to foster environmentally conscious printing practices.


The anticipation for FESPA 2024 was palpable, with us inviting industry professionals to join in Amsterdam to discover our latest advancements. The spotlight on Biotex Generation underscored a new paradigm in sustainability within digital printing, emphasizing the reduction of carbon footprint through innovative solutions.


Reiterating our commitment to a greener future, our message at FESPA 2024 focused on the significance of LCA in printing. Biotex Generation, with its recycled yarn fabrics and bio-based coatings, exemplified our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. This approach not only highlighted our sustainability efforts but also our drive towards producing environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality or performance.


The excitement continued into the first day of FESPA, with us eager to share our latest advancements. This enthusiasm was not just about showcasing new products but also about the opportunity to meet and engage with the global digital printing community. Our presence at FESPA 2024 served as a testament to our ongoing efforts to lead through innovation and sustainability.


Our participation at FESPA 2024 also highlighted the strong sense of community within the company. Describing our team as a family, we emphasized the collective passion for excellence that drives our pursuit of innovation. This approach not only strengthens our internal bonds but also enhances our collaborative efforts to push the boundaries of digital printing technology.


As FESPA 2024 concluded, we expressed gratitude towards all participants who contributed to making the event a memorable experience. Our longstanding participation in FESPA, spanning over 20 years, has been instrumental in our journey, allowing us to share innovations and forge meaningful connections within the industry. Our reflection on the event underscored our commitment to advancing the digital printing sector, with a forward-looking approach to sustainability and innovation.



Overall, FESPA 2024 was a significant event for us, allowing us to highlight our advancements in sustainable digital printing solutions. The emphasis on Biotex Generation and the importance of LCA reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation. Through our participation in FESPA, we continue to demonstrate our leadership in the industry, committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions.

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