On April 12th and 13th, Endutex participated in the European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. The event focused on the future of sustainable mobility and how the automotive industry can contribute to decarbonization efforts. As a company specializing in Coated Technical Textiles and focused on producing more eco-friendly materials, our company had the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the discussions at the summit.


Endutex’s conference presentation, titled “Embrace Bio-based Materials, Make Green Auto,” showcased our commitment to sustainability and demonstrated how the company’s products could help the automotive industry reduce its environmental impact by producing a wide range of materials that are suitable for the automotive sector, including coated fabrics, PVC-free materials, and bio-based textiles.


One of the key themes of the presentation was, precisely, the importance of using bio-based materials in this industry area. Our speakers emphasized that by embracing bio-based materials, automakers can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and help to mitigate climate change.


Another critical point of the presentation was the versatility of our products, regarding the several applications usable in the automotive sector – including roll-up luggage covers, sun protection curtains, or artificial leather for upholstery – since they benefit from high-durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to UV radiation, making them an ideal choice for cars and other vehicles.


By participating in the event and presenting this conference, we had the chance to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, while also having the chance to network with other industry leaders and learn about the latest developments in sustainable mobility.


As the automotive industry continues to focus on decarbonization and sustainability, many companies like Endutex will play a vital role in providing innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions.

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